In hardcopy (printed) $59.99 (ex.VAT) (ZAR956,00) - Limited offer! (Overprints!!!)

It is available as a hardcopy in South Africa only! (Special requests to other countries only - $59US excl. postage)

The reason is shipping or courier cost, which normally ends up being more than the selling price of the book!

That said, there are a limited amount of books still available for especially students as notes can be made in this stitch-bounded book with ease!

The hardcopy is currently offered for R956.00 (ex. VAT), which includes courier charges (Aramex) within 24hrs (main areas) within SA.

E-mail here if you want to order your copy! Include your name, address (for delivery) in the e-mail. You will receive a confirmation with banking details back from us. Once payment is made, an invoice with the tracking number for your 2.6kg packet will be send...

e-book DRM protected PDF $23.75 (ZAR380.00 incl. VAT)

The e-book is available to the world (SA included)!

It can be directly downloaded from this site, but you need a code to open it.

This will allow you to read it on basically any device (PC, OSx, MAC, Android and iOS), using a special reader app.

You can have a maximum of 3 devices and need to register once using your keycode.

E-mail for your digital copy here! Include your name. You will receive a confirmation with details back from us. Use PayPal to pay and receive your invoice which contains the download link and key, once payment is received.